High voltage power supply


Ever greater demands are placed on the charging cable and socket to ensure a safe connection between the charging station and the latest e-vehicles. This means that increasingly greater current flows are being transmitted. Risks may arise for users as a result of defective insulation or incorrect wiring. The cables and sockets are subject to a temperature test with the REOLAB high current supply units. REO supplies high current sources up to 10 kA with power of up to 300 kVA, both as a 1- or 3-phase version.

Example: Variable AC high current supply (three-phase REOLAB 220)

Used for heating tests of components, such as switchgear, cables and contacts, low voltage distribution and switchgear with low-ohm impedance. The high current supply units have separate windings, as well as separate current control of the output current, where required, in the case of three-phase versions. The testing system can also be designed with a general or precision control stage, depending on the level of control precision required. This therefore ensures the current control has a high resolution. A high level of reproducibility can be ensured thanks to the automatic stabilisation of current control and unaltered sinus form of the test voltage. There are various options available to control, visualise and transfer measurement values. These include, among others, the control and exchange of data via PC, SPS or standardised industrial interfaces. The operating mode can therefore be set here using the button or touch screen panel on the device, or via remote control.

REO is able to develop specific current sources for this purpose in line with the customer’s application and usage conditions.