REOHM series 154

Max. continous power: 200 W


The braking resistor REOHM 154 protects the machine from a voltage rise in the intermediate circuit, if an electric machine operates as a generator (Electromotive brake). The current reduces also the speed of the machine.

The serie REOHM 154 is available as braking resistor (series BW) or as charging resistor (series R).

As 154 R (Charging resistor, damping resistor, filter resistance, etc.)

The charging resistor is a current limiting resistor for the charging and discharging of capacitors and limitates for example the current flowing into the intermediate circuit capacitor inrush current. For this the device must be designed for a high single pulse energy and nominal voltage. The inductance of the resistor contributes to limit the inrush current, so wirewound resistors are the right choice.

With temperature switch
Cover for protection against high surface temperatures

Unique Selling Point

  • Small dimensions
  • Fast connection
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Matching to any frequency converter
  • Less additional mounting area
  • Compact shape
  • High-resistance at overload
  • Vertical and horizontal installation

Technical Data

  • The compact design enables the use in all applications where
    little space is available (for example in cabinet and frequency converter)
  • Unity-Version can be assem-bled as low-profile and upright
  • In case of failure of resistor, this will become highly resis-tive
  • Test voltage: 2,5 kV AC (at 900 V rated voltage)
  • Resistance values : 2,2 – 500 Ohm
  • Continuous power : 50 – 200 W
  • max. operating voltage : 900 V